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Crows Nest is here to support your vision. We build flexible contracts to serve our clients: Fee-For-Service (Project-based) or FTE-based contracts.

Paul Wengender conceived Crows Nest Bio consultancy in 2014 after two decades of experience in the preclinical drug discovery research space. After 10 years of building and managing internal “core research support” at Pfizer and AstraZeneca, Paul founded Blue Sky BioServices in 2003 and led the company toward its successful (2016) merger/acquisition with Lake Pharma. Paul brings a proven track record of converting a strategic vision into profitable endpoints. He maintains a deep network of life science industry colleagues and more than 22 years of experience connecting new concepts or technologies to the drug discovery marketplace.

  • New ventures within existing firms
  • Startups


  • Mapping, communicating and deploying a business plan including all key elements:
    • finance
    • sales/marketing
    • R&D (laboratory) operations
    • managing stakeholders (investors, partners).

Biosciences Consulting Agency Offerings

Business Development & Planning
Laboratory Build-Out